ABOUT Felix Studios

How do you capture a magical moment, a lingering kiss, and that once in a lifetime commitment to love? This is what makes great wedding photography. A photograph that immortalizes an unexpected feeling, a sweet glance no one has seen, and that tender touch of the hand, is what separates the typical from the extraordinary.

Sasha Felix brings a decade of professional photography to her sensitive and creative camera work. She curates her art so that each image feels alive, a living memory that returns her clients, time and again, back to the sights, sounds and smells of that monumental day.

After a career in fine art and fashion photography in NYC, she now travels worldwide creating images for clients who dream of capturing the greatest moments of their lives. To achieve such ends, Sasha commits to a superior work ethic and her intense passion for storytelling. She commits to the promise that she can bring your unique love story to life.



I am a storyteller. I approach every project by getting to know you first as a couple. How did you meet? How did you fall in love? What is it about your partner you just can’t live without? By working with you to find your voice in the story you want to tell, I then translate your deepest desires for the day into a highly creative montage of moments that you will never forget.   


Photo By: Hannah Thorndike